Professional Grills

Our charcoal grills maintain the tradition of charcoal cooking, fused with a modern and functional design, emphasizing the harmony between gastronomy, comfort and cleanliness. High quality equipment to ensure high efficiency and durability.

If anything stands out in the VulcanoGres barbecues is the incorporation of a charcoal drawer, able to create the embers and keep them ready, allowing also to use the space as an oven. This allows roasting independently and avoids releasing heat in the atmosphere. Optionally, you can incorporate a forced air system that speeds the ignition of the embers.

The design of our grills is characterized by a fusion of tradition and functionality, with unique designs tailored to the needs of our customers.

They are handcrafted grills but without rudimentary mechanisms, designed to cook comfortably without having to invest too much time in cleaning or maintenance services.

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