The charcoal ovens are well known in the Horeca community. They allow cooking with charcoal in a closed chamber at higher temperatures than a traditional grill, achieving more juicy meat and fish endings, maintaining texture and flavor due to the heat stroke that prevents food from cooking from inside.

The new  Embers Oven goes beyond a traditional charcoal oven.

It is the perfect alternative for professionals looking for an efficient, safe and functional equipment that allows cooking different dishes at the same time with three different temperatures.

The grills are housed in full extraction drawers that allow the individual opening of each cooking section, which avoids that when opening them to manipulate food heat is lost as well as exposure to high temperatures and the exit of flames or embers.

Refractory steel and iron give shape to a machine with a novel design that allows cooking on the grill, optimizing fuel and time.


Embers oven, ember ovens with drawers

Traditional ovens have a single door, tilting or folding, which when opened to access the cooking grills causes the loss of temperature. Our new Evens Oven solves this problem because it allows the individual opening of each cooking section sealing the interior while handling food.

We offer several models of “column” and “table” ovens with front or side drawers that can also be attached to our grill. We also offer them with extractor hood.

At the bottom of the drawers a removable tray is installed to collect the grease that falls when the drawers are opened.

We incorporate a pyrometer and side view for each drawer , which allows to know the exact temperature in each level, having a greater control of the roasting process.


Ember oven with drawers. Charcoal grills


The Ascuador compartment, located under the drawers, allows to add charcoal without venting the cooking chamber, unlike in common ovens. This prevents the loss of a large amount of heat, making the temperature stable.

The coal is placed and burned in a removable iron basket to facilitate loading and incorporates a lifting system that can be automatic (motorized with push buttons) or manual (made up of winch and steering wheel).

This novel system allows on the one hand to introduce the coal when we lower it and, once burned and turned into embers, raise it to approach it to the roasting grills and get the desired endings in the food.

It incorporates a ventilation system by forced draft of air that facilitates the combustion of coal in a very short time, avoiding delays in the service when a new load of coal is added. The system consists of a fan motor that drives the air upwards through holes arranged in the base of the ascuador drawer.

The ash produced after the burning of the coal will descend through the holes in the base of the ascuador to a removable ash box.


As a fire safety measure we incorporate our special model of Nozzle Short sparks  in the smoke outlet. This piece consists of a cylinder with an internal path that turns off the sparks, turning them into char. It avoids the exit of the flames and reduces the temperature of the fumes, so that there is no risk of inflammation or burns.


Coal oven with drawers. Charcoal grills. Catalytic filterOptionally we can incorporate the Ecological Catalytic Filter , a circular or rectangular piece, located between the smoke outlet and the sparking nozzle. This filter will act from 225 °, decomposing the harmful emissions of carbon monoxide by oxidation and transforming them into non-polluting carbon dioxide.

A secondary benefit of the catalytic converter is that it can oxidize gases, reducing odors and grease in the kitchen.

We design a special extractor hood with or without extractor motor and luminaire. It will mainly collect the fumes coming from the Short Nozzle Sparks, but it will also have sufficient bottom to collect the vapors that ascend from the open drawers or from the door of the Ascuador drawer.

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